9 Mayıs 2011 Pazartesi

Dark Tranquillity -- Top 5 songs

So I'm getting ready for the DT concert, which is in 10 days, and I was reviewing my playlist to find my top 5 songs. There are many, many great songs, and obviously didn't prefer to change as much as In Flames or many other melodic death metal bands did, so it was a tough decision for me to do. But after a long thinking process, here's the list:

5) ThereIn
4) At the Point of Ignition
3) One Thought
2) Final Resistance
1) Monochromatic Stains

For those of you who are interested in DT or whatever, I recommend you listen to these songs to comprehend the greatness of DT.

7 Mayıs 2011 Cumartesi

Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy - dredg

Several days ago, dredg released a new full length album. It is different from the earlier works of dredg, and is more like darkpop, but it's dredg anyways, so it is great in itself. Haters gonna hate obviously, because some cannot understand what "progressive" means, and dredg surprises again with this new sound. There are several great songs in it, and here are the links to buy the new album and listen to a song from it:


Deliver Us - In Flames

Yesterday, In Flames' new single Deliver Us was released. I heard it for the first time today and couldn't buy it yet, but it was a great experience, somewhere in between Soundtrack to Your Escape and the most recent sound. Here's a link to listen to it: